A true consistency of beliefs, based not on tradition or strength, but on reason and discernment, makes living a lot easier.
The courage to change our minds, to really look at reality with fresh eyes, makes living a lot more fun.


A Bit About Me

I'm a software developer, user experience engineer, creative mind, futurist and technologist. I have a passion for discovering what makes things, and people, tick and move. I'm constantly surprised by both the selflessness of the person and the selfishness of the people.

I write a blog again, because I got tired of ranting to the people in my life about the injustice in the world, about the lack of consistency in people's political and economic positions, and pretty much anything else I see that de-humanizes us or makes us less that we are meant to be.

In that way, I write for myself, so I may put things down and stop repeating them or re-hashing them; I write for those in my life, so I may give them more quality time and less editorial commentary on life; I write for you, so that maybe what I say can spark in you a desire for introspection, and ultimately the discovery of an idea that may change the world, one that I can't possibly think of myself.

I sincerely hope that if you're reading this you look nothing like me, so you can bring a new perspective on things. I don't know that I'll always have comments enabled on posts, but hit the menu and drop me a line sometime, I'd love to hear what you have to say.